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Chris Daly

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Chris Daly
Legal Director

Chris has been actively involved in the retirement living industry for over 30 years, having carried out the legal work for Australian Retirement Communities since 1978, initially as an independent solicitor and later as in house counsel. Chris is recognised in the industry as a pioneer legal practitioner in retirement living and residential aged care. He has been an active member of the Legislative Sub-committee for the Retirement Villages Association, and liaised with and advised Government when establishing the original Retirement Villages Act 1986 and more recently when the Act has been reviewed and updated.

In addition to undertaking all legal aspects of RCA, Chris is actively involved in the day-to-day operations and development, including property acquisition, town planning, permitting, and establishing and documenting resident agreements, village association constituent documents and village operating platforms.

Chris was also one of the founding owners of Third Age Australia Pty Ltd which, beginning in 1988, firstly acquired two aged care facilities and then developed and built four others. Chris was a non-executive director of Third Age. The Third Age business was sold in 2007.

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