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Established Retirement Villages, Melbourne

From time to time selected homes become available for sale to new residents at one of our retirement villages close to Melbourne. These are not brand new units and, on occasion, have additions and/or improvements included.

The RCA team understands that a truly fulfilling retirement means we need to accommodate both your aspirations and your budget, so we’ve invested our time and passion into creating award-winning villa designs and resort style facilities at an affordable price

Retirement Units For Sale near Melbourne

Can I have a pet/s at Melbourne Retirement Villages?

Most Melbourne Retirement Villages welcome pets as long as they are not being a nuisance to any of your fellow residents or damaging shared amenities. It is at the discretion of the retirement village as to whether they allow pets. If this is a consideration for you when looking for a retirement unit for sale close to Melbourne, make sure to ask about the retirement village’s rules on keeping pets.

Can I have guests stay with me?

Visitors and short stay guests and family are welcome in a Melbourne Retirement Village. There will be provisions in the terms of your contract with the retirement village around the length of time that a guest can stay with you.

There may also be a condition that states that a guest can’t stay in your accommodation if you’re not there to host them, for example if you are planning to go away for a holiday and your accommodation would otherwise be vacant. Before enquiring about retirement units for sale close to Melbourne, consult the retirement village you are considering for more information on their guidelines on guests and visitors.

Are care and support services available in Melbourne Retirement Villages?

Melbourne Retirement Villages offers a safe, secure and social lifestyle for people eager to enjoy independent living. A retirement village generally provides minimal levels of daily personal care and support services or flexible options for ‘fee for service’ if required. The level of care and support services available will vary from retirement village to retirement village. If you are considering a purchasing retirement unit for sale close to Melbourne then rest assured most retirement villages offer 24 hour emergency support services.

What are the costs involved in moving into a retirement unit in Melbourne?

You will need to budget funds to cover entry costs, ongoing service and maintenance costs, , and departure costs. Some retirement villages may ask for payment of a fee to add you to their waiting list of available accommodation. This payment may or may not be refundable. Make sure to ask what the conditions are for retirement homes close to Melbourne and make sure you keep a copy of the receipt.

You will also need to consider the usual costs of selling a property and moving to a new property, including legal fees, furniture removal costs, connection fees for utility services and the costs associated with the sale of your existing home. Stamp duty and title registration fees are only applicable when the retirement village is offering freehold titles.

It is advisable to include trusted family members and friends in making the lifestyle decision to move into a retirement village.

A legal counsel along with a financial planner experienced in retirement living options will be able to help you navigate the legal structures and financial outcomes of the retirement village accommodation you are considering buying into.

Who holds the responsibility to refurbish my accommodation once I end my occupancy or leave a Melbourne Retirement Village?

The terms of your contract with the Retirement Village will state who is responsible for refurbishing the unit / villa once your tenure ends.

Many contracts state that refurbishment is a responsibility of the resident. Some contracts will state that refurbishment is the responsibility of the retirement village operator.

Make sure this is a question you cover off and can plan to budget for before entering into a contractual arrangement when purchasing a unit for sale in a retirement village close to Melbourne.

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