A message from RCA Villages’ Managing Director, Andrew Philip

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I have just been speaking with my own parents who have stayed in their home for the past 3 weeks. Like you, they are fiercely independent in the way they live (long may that last!).

You (including my parents) are an incredibly resilient generation. It is humbling to observe: making lists; keeping busy; getting things done that have been put off; and trying to keep in touch with friends and family. Of course there are times of loneliness for all, but being separated from children and grandchildren (and hugs) must be heart wrenching if you are self-isolating.

I’m optimistic that things will improve sooner rather than later. In the meantime I’d like to share a saying my grandmother said all her life after the War, “don’t worry, it may never happen”.

On the RCA front, I’d like to pass on the latest information on what is happening in our villages. In recent days, we’ve received calls and emails from many of you who have already reserved your new homes, as well as some who are considering your retirement options.

Our priority now is finishing new villas for those of you who have sold existing homes and are moving into one of our villages in the coming months. Be assured that your new villa will be ready on time. Our staff will be in constant contact with you to make the move smooth, whilst prioritising your health, safety and security.

If you have reserved a villa or are still just thinking about it, we are still open at the village and available to help, albeit a bit differently. Read about our virtual tours below. Why not have a look from the comfort of your lounge room; I think you will find it entertaining and a bit of fun. If you are not house bound you can still physically visit our sales suites and walk through the display villas (with the usual new health and safety rules).

Across RCA’s villages, our staff and residents are supporting each other – albeit while keeping their distance. Never before has the importance of community been so apparent. Our managers are working hard to provide advice, comfort and the most up to date information to residents. Village buses are taking trips with two people at a time to enable shopping for those who need assistance; flu vaccinations are being undertaken in all the villages; social clubs are thinking outside the box to keep residents connected by screening movie nights on the village TV channel, or having remote book clubs. Did you know that all phone calls between residents are free within our villages? The best things in life are free, including having a cuppa and a chat with your neighbour.

We know that many of you are limiting your time away from home and may be unable to visit us. I want to reassure you that no matter what your situation, we’re here to help. We’ve put in place a range of measures prioritising the health of our residents and staff, as well as those who visit our sales offices.

We are still doing things differently

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The current situation requires a degree of flexibility. In the last few weeks, we have taken reservations over the phone. Several people with reservations have sold their houses as real estate agents employ new ways to do business.

Nothing else has changed; you can still reserve your home without a deposit and there are no contracts to sign until you sell your house.

Virtual Tours

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If you would like to see what our villages have to offer, but are self-isolating at home, our Sales Team are able to take you on your own personal virtual tour of the displays via FaceTime if you have an Apple device like and iPhone or iPad.

On the tour, you will be able to virtually walk through the villa and ask your tour guide all your questions in real time. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to offer you a cuppa after your tour – technology hasn’t superseded reached the lofty heights of the Jetsons yet!

If you would like a virtual tour, please call us on Freecall 1800 226 020 to arrange a time.

Sales Suites are still open

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Our Sales Suites are still open, and our Village Managers are onsite to assist those who are preparing to move into a village. Please feel free to drop in if you need to see us or pick up the phone if you would like to chat to our friendly team members.

If you visit, it is important to note that all staff, contractors and residents are adhering to the social distancing and hygiene requirements set out by the Australian Government and we request that you do also.

In addition, visits to the sales suites are limited to 30 minutes per appointment. It’s not that we don’t enjoy seeing you – we are committed to the best health outcome for you and our staff! And of course we ask that you do not visit us if you are feeling unwell.

For more information about one of our villages, or to make an appointment please fill in the form and we'll be in touch soon.