Retirement Village Near Geelong - Armstrong Green

Our retirement village near Geelong is perfect for those who wish to downsize without compromising their lifestyle.

Downsize to our Retirement Village near Geelong without compromise

From Armstrong Green retirement community you can easily walk to the local shops, cafes, restaurants and other amenities nearby, The Village Warralily Shopping Centre is just a 3 minutes’ walk, only 14 minutes from the city centre of Geelong and its many attractions, including boutique shopping, restaurants, theatres and sporting venues, that make Armstrong Green by RCA Villages boasts an enviable location. A wonderful lifestyle and retirement awaits you here at RCA’s Armstrong Green Village.

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Life at Armstrong Green Retirement Village near Geelong

So what is life like at our active retirement community near Geelong? Step outside the front door and you experience resort style living independent. Take a stroll and you’ll very likely bump into someone to chat to, or a welcoming social group, event, or activity to join and enjoy. RCA retirement village near Geelong provides an abundance of on-site amenities and activities, as well as being situated close to all the conveniences and attractions that this vibrant regional city has to offer.

Great facilities for over 55's in Geelong to actively retire

Residents at RCA’s Armstrong Green retirement village enjoy a relaxed retirement lifestyle for over 55's retirees in Geelong centred around friends, family and fun. From socialising in the stylish clubhouse or in one of our many flourishing gardens, to participating in regular recreational activities like fitness, wellbeing classes and excursions, there’s always something happening here. And when you want some time out, our village library is the perfect place to relax with a good book or catch up on some emails in peace. There’s also a heated indoor pool and spa for swimming, water aerobics and relaxing, plus a well-equipped gym and services such as an in-house hair and beauty salon.

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Retirement Village for Geelong retirees run by the residents.

RCA Villages retirement communities are all very democratic. Our retirement villages are run by a Committee of Management. Seven of the ten members of this committee are elected by you and the other residents to represent what you want and what you need. This gives you a real say in how your village is run, from the type of entertainment and activities on offer to the management of the villages. For more information about Armstrong Green retirement community, one of the closest retirement villages near Ocean Grove, the most affordable retirement villages near Torquay, and the most active retirement villages near Bellarine Peninsula, please, get in touch with us today.

Introducing our Retirement Villas at Armstrong Green - Retire in Comfort near Geelong

Our managing director Andrew Phillip shows you through the Bellarine villa design at Armstrong Green. "Hi everybody, come on in this is the Queenscliff Villa at Armstrong Green only 15mins from Geelong. When you come in you have this amazing feeling of space as soon as you walk in..."

Living in an RCA Retirement Village 14 mins from Geelong.

Your beautiful new villa is only the beginning. As an extension of your new home, our residents share beautiful community facilities — from the Clubhouse, to the pool, to the vegetable garden — there’s enough space to entertain and enjoy yourself at RCA retirement village close to Geelong.

Village Living

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a pet/s at a Geelong Retirement Village?

At Armstrong Green, a Geelong retirement village, we understand that pets can be wonderful companions. However, the comfort and safety of our residents are paramount and we, therefore, have a few rules regarding keeping pets in our village. As long as your pet isn't causing a nuisance to other residents or damaging shared amenities, then you are welcome to keep them with you in your retirement unit. Please speak with our team before signing up to ensure that your pet is permitted and any specific regulations are adhered to.

Can I have guests stay with me at a retirement village?

At Armstrong Green retirement village near Geelong, we welcome visitors and short-stay guests to join you in your retirement unit. There are provisions within the terms of your contract with us regarding the length of time that a guest can stay with you. Please note that there may be a condition which states that a guest cannot stay if you're not present to host them, such as when you are planning to go away for holidays and your accommodation would otherwise be vacant. For more information about staying at our retirement village, please get in touch with our friendly team today. We look forward to welcoming you and your guests!

Are care and support services available at Retirement Villages in Geelong?

Yes, there are care and support services available at retirement villages in Geelong. Our team can provide you with information on the level of care and support services available to you when you sign up. This could include flexible options for ‘fee for service’ if required, as well as 24 hour emergency support services. We also offer social activities designed to help residents stay connected and active within our community.

What are the costs involved in moving into a retirement unit in Geelong?

When it comes to budgeting for retirement living, there are a number of costs involved. This may include entry fees, service and maintenance charges, as well as any departure fees when you decide to leave the village. You might also need to budget for any additional costs associated with selling your current property, such as legal fees or removal costs. Additionally, some retirement villages near Geelong ask for payment of a fee to add you to their waiting list of available accommodation - however, this is usually refundable if you don't end up taking the unit. To make sure that you know exactly what's included in all costs before making a commitment, be sure to seek advice from our team.

Who holds the responsibility to refurbish my accommodation once I end my occupancy or leave a Geelong Retirement Village?

It is important to understand and clarify who holds the responsibility for the refurbishment of your accommodation once you end your occupancy or leave a lifestyle village in Geelong. The terms of your contract with the Geelong Retirement Village will determine who is responsible for this. Some contracts may state that it is the responsibility of the resident, while others may specify that it will be the responsibility of the retirement village operator. Make sure to cover this question and plan for any associated expenses before entering into a contractual agreement when purchasing a unit for sale in a retirement village in Geelong. If you require more information about this topic, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Does RCA offer resale retirement homes & units in other locations?

For more information about one of our villages, or to make an appointment please fill in the form and we'll be in touch soon.