Retirement Villages on the Mornington Peninsula

RCA built retirement villages on the Mornington Peninsula will always be located near amenities within easy reach - mostly on foot. Convenience makes for a lovely, easy lifestyle that opens itself up for spontaneous decisions. The type of spontaneity that most of us reserve for holidays.

Retirement on the Mornington Peninsula

There’s more to RCA Village built Retirement Village on the Mornington Peninsula than meets the eye. Sure, we build beautiful homes in terrific locations. But there’s more to it than that. RCA doesn’t just build villages, we build communities, much like country towns. While our residents lead their own lives, those lives are significantly enriched by the sense of fellowship and belonging that each village community helps to create. The RCA team understands that a truly fulfilling retirement means we need to accommodate both your aspirations and your budget, so we’ve invested our time and passion into creating award-winning villa designs and resort-style facilities that will be the foundation for a fulfilling retirement.

Mornington peninsula retirement villages
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About RCA Villages

Founded in 2008, RCA has grown from strength to strength. We are a privately owned, family-oriented company. Retirement living runs in our veins. Because we build our own Retirement Villages on the Mornington Peninsula, we can offer you the ability to tailor your new home to suit your personality and your way of life. Being part of an RCA Village means there are lots of opportunities to enjoy an active life. With less home maintenance taking up your time, you will have the freedom to enjoy your new home, new interests and new friends.

Living in an RCA Retirement Village on the Mornington Peninsula.

Your beautiful new villa is only the beginning. As an extension of your new home, our residents share beautiful community facilities — from the Clubhouse, to the pool, to the vegetable garden — there’s enough space to entertain and enjoy yourself at an RCA retirement village on the Mornington Peninsula.

Village Living

Two perfect locations for over 55 living on the Mornington Peninsula

Your move to the Mornington Peninsula signifies the dawning of a new time in your life. It allows you to live your life to the full, with the freedom to take off on a holiday whenever you please, the chance to pursue new interests as well as the liberty to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. The Mornington Peninsula has so much to offer; with more than 30 towns spanning from Seaford to Portsea, there’s always something to do. With everything from boutiques and antiques to farm-gate produce, hot springs and long summer days at the beach, the choice is yours. Right in the heart of the Peninsula are our villages. Martha Bay Retirement Village in Mount Martha & Martha Cove Retirement Village are each in their own right the perfect location for over 55 living on the Mornington Peninsula. Living your best life means doing as much or as little as you want. At RCA Villages, we know the key to fulfilment is choice. So, whether you choose a lock up and leave lifestyle, lazy days beach-combing by the bay, or making the most of the Active Living program in the luxurious clubhouse, the Mornington Peninsula offers an enviable way of life. Best of all, you’ll be in the midst of a community of like-minded people whose dream of calling Mt Martha home has also been fulfilled.

Enjoy an active retirement on the Mornington Peninsula

One of the most important points of difference between an RCA Village and others is our Active Health program. We want our residents to enjoy retirement living on the Mornington Peninsula and we do everything we can to make sure everyone enjoys good health. Research has shown that socially engaged and physically active people lead healthier and happier lives. Free Active Health membership Every new resident receives a free membership to the Active Health program.

Our Active Health Program

The program is run by the Active Living Co-ordinator, who develops personally tailored programs for you. For some, that will mean advice on strength building. For others, it may involve physio or organising medical services. Others might just need advice on healthier lifestyle choices. Everyone is a member and everyone benefits. It’s not just physical Our Active Health program encompasses a range of activities designed to keep you engaged and involved, and promotes the overall physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of our residents. Yoga, meditation, aqua aerobics, craft and walking groups – even Happy Hour assists with wellbeing!

Invite your family to your Peninsula retirement village

Your extended family is welcome Your friends and family are always welcome visitors at your village. House guests are also welcome – just let your Village Manager know how long they will be visiting. Pet companionship can have a huge influence on your physical and emotional wellbeing, so you’re also welcome to bring your four-legged friends with you.

Mornington Peninsula Retirement Villages are run by a residents committee

Our Mornington Peninsula retirement villages are all very democratic. Every retirement village is run by a Committee of Management – seven of the ten members of this committee are elected by you and the other residents to represent what you want and what you need. Everything from fees and levies to village services, maintenance, and ideas for improvements can all be discussed and voted on in Committee of Management meetings. This doesn’t mean more work for residents – the Committee employs a professional Village Manager to implement their instructions, while you enjoy your retirement.

Mornington Peninsula Retirement FAQ

Can I have a pet/s at a retirement village on the Mornington Peninsula?

At Martha Cove and Martha Bay Retirement Villages along the Mornington Peninsula, we understand that pets can be wonderful companions. However, the comfort and safety of our residents are paramount and we, therefore, have a few rules regarding keeping pets in our village. As long as your pet isn't causing a nuisance to other residents or damaging shared amenities, then you are welcome to keep them with you in your retirement unit or apartment. Please speak with our team before signing up to ensure that your pet is permitted and any specific regulations are adhered to.

Can I have guests stay with me at a Mornington Peninsula retirement village?

At RCA built retirement villages on the Mornington Peninsula, we welcome visitors and short-stay guests to join you in your retirement unit or apartment. You cannot sub-lease or let your villa to others but, of course, you can have house guests stay at any time. There are provisions within the terms of your contract with us regarding the length of time that a guest can stay with you. If you are having guests stay for more than two days it is preferable to advise the Village Manager. You must obtain written consent if your guests are staying more than one month, and they are your responsibility while visiting a retirement village on the Mornington Peninsula. With regard to child guests, they must be under adult supervision at all times and in the company of a resident when using the facilities at the retirement village.

Are care and support services available at retirement villages on the Mornington Peninsula?

Yes, there are care and support services available at Martha Cove and Martha Bay Retirement Villages along the Mornington Peninsula. Our team can provide you with information on the level of care and support services available to you when you sign up. This could include optional allied health services for ‘fee for service’ if required, as well as 24 hour emergency support services. We also offer social activities for village living designed to help residents stay connected and active within our community.

What are the costs involved in moving into a retirement unit or apartment on the Mornington Peninsula?

When you move into an RCA built Mornington Peninsula retirement village you will advance us the Ingoing Price in return for the lifetime lease over your retirement unit or apartment. Your sales representative will advise you of the current prices for units or apartments for Martha Cove and Martha Bay Retirement Villages along the Mornington Peninsula. Because you are ‘buying’ a lifetime lease you will not need to pay stamp duty and title registration fees that are usually payable when you buy freehold title to a property. In addition to the Ingoing Price, you will incur the usual costs when acquiring a home, including:

  • Solicitor’s fees;
  • Financial advisor’s fees;
  • Furniture moving costs
  • Utility connections as applicable;
  • Any further expenses incurred with the sale of your existing home.

There is also a monthly Service and Maintenance Charge (also referred to as the Levy) that covers the cost of running and maintaining the respective retirement village on the Mornington Peninsula.

Who holds the responsibility to refurbish my accommodation once I end my occupancy or leave a Mornington Peninsula Retirement Village?

For more information about one of our villages, or to make an appointment please fill in the form and we'll be in touch soon.